Storm Damage Assessments in The Woodlands & Conroe, TX

Helping You Recover from Extreme Weather

Your roof is responsible for protecting your home from everything mother nature throws at you, including storms. But defending your family from extreme weather can take its toll, and after the storm passes, you could be left with a damaged roof that needs serious professional help. At T. Williams Roofing, we can help you assess the condition of your roof after a storm, working with your insurance company to get you the help you need to restore your home. We’ll help you document and assess damage, make your claim, and get the services necessary to get your roof back into fighting shape.

Call (832) 894-7663 or contact T. Williams Roofing online to get the help you need after a storm passes over you’re The Woodlands or Conroe, TX home. We provide damage assessment, insurance assistance, and more!

Trust Our Team to Handle Anything

No matter what kind of storm has damaged your roof, or what type of damage it’s sustained, our licensed roofers are fully trained and equipped to document and resolve the damages. We know exactly what your insurance company needs, and unlike your insurer’s inspectors, our licensed roofers are trained to accurately document damage as thoroughly as possible. That includes subtle damage, hidden leaks, and damage to hard-to-see nooks and crannies that an untrained assessor may miss. We work directly with insurance providers to make sure that all damage is accounted for and that all costs are accurate.

We Can Assess and Repair Damage From:

  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Leaks
  • Mold
  • And more!

About HB 2102

On September 1st, 2019, A piece of legislation known as HB 2102 went into effect. This legislation is an enforceable ban on the waiving of insurance deductibles. If your roof has been damaged by a storm, this means that with HB 2102 in effect, any contractor who says they can waive your deductible is doing so illegally and can be prosecuted. Additionally, if you knowingly allow your roofer to submit a claim on your behalf with a waived or reduced deductible, you could also be prosecuted. The waiving of a deductible is classified as a class B misdemeanor, and both contractors and homeowners who are found violating HB 2102 can face up to $2,000 in fines and 180 days in jail. HB 2102 was designed to protect homeowners like you from dishonest roofers and ensure that you always receive properly documented work and that your insurance provider will be able to approve your claim.

Our roofing experts at T. Williams Roofing will always comply with all state guidelines and legislation, including HB 2102. If necessary, we will work with you to set up a payment plan as permitted by HB 2102.

Here for Everything Your Roof Needs

Once your roof is assessed by our The Woodlands roofing team, you won’t have to shop around for the repairs you need. We can get started repairing or replacing your roof right away so your home can get back to normal as soon as possible. Our five-star services cover everything your home needs after a storm, from new shingles to siding and beyond.

Contact our team today for a free estimate for your storm damage assessment. Prompt, considerate, and top-quality services are what we’re known for, and we’re ready to exceed your every expectation!