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To achieve that, we always follow our six-step Williams Roofing process:

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Our crew will arrive early in the morning. The very first thing they will do is go around your home, tarp your property and put plywood down to protect anything from being damaged. Once that is complete, the tear-off will begin and the roofing debris will be hauled away with our on-site trailer. ​​​​​​​

Wood Inspection


Tom will personally be on the jobsite between 8-10 Am. The homeowner MUST be home during this time. With the roof torn-off, the wood inspection will begin. Any rotted or damaged wood will be replaced at this time to ensure the shingles have a nailable surface. While up there, Tom will take pictures in your attic of existing insulation levels, as well as ensure you are vented the most efficient and safe way. We cannot stress this enough with all of the storm chaser and fly by night work in the area. There is one chance to do this the right way. Tom uses his expertise to give you the best options available to get the most return out of this investment.



Following the wood inspection, ice and water shield will be installed around the perimeter and through the valleys of the home. This is a short-cut a lot of locals cut but here at T. Williams Roofing, that is just the start. Instead of covering the rest of the home with generic easy to rip felt paper, we threw in an extra layer of protection. State of the art synthetic felt. Waterproof and tear resistant with state of the art surenail technology. ​​​​​​​



Color and style chosen by the homeowner to be installed with 5-7 nails per shingle.



The most common fault for premature roof failures is an improper ventilation system. Depending on your style of home and what your current setup is, there are a few routes you can go. Click here to learn more => Ventilation 

Final Walk Through

At the end of the job, the crew will clean the property of all debris using a magnetic sweeper. The crew’s foreman will then walk the property with the homeowner, making sure everything is to their satisfaction. The trailer will then leave with the crew, no hassle of getting ahold of dumpster companies to pick up debris. Most jobs will be completed in one days time, two at the most.