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When it comes to protecting the air quality and temperature of your home, your house has a surprising Achilles heel in the form of your insulation, or lack thereof. It may seem like something you can take or leave, but without insulation, you will constantly lose heat during the winter and lose cool air during the summer.

Insulation is absolutely key not only to controlling the temperature of your house, but in saving money on your energy bills. In fact, you can reduce your electricity and gas costs by as much as 70%, so long as you have high-quality insulation services in The Woodlands, provided by our expert roofers. At T. Williams Roofing, we are committed to aiding you in reducing your utility costs immediately. All you have to do is get in contact with our specialized roofers and we can insulate your house to be as snug as a bug.

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Where to Place Insulation

While it depends entirely on your house's specific structure, there are certain rooms that can especially benefit from insulation. If you have an office, home theatre, or recording room, for example, insulation would provide a great sound-proof option so that you do not have to deal with external noise. If you have several bathrooms and laundry rooms, insulating the walls and will help eliminate too much moisture that could gather and grow mold.

However, the most important place to safeguard is actually your attic. Because people do not frequently go into their attics except in cases of emergency, or to get something from storage once in a blue moon, they often are unaware of the poor quality of the attic. This is problematic, since this largely ignored area is one of the biggest sources of leaks in the entire house. In Houston, the recommended R value for insulation in attics should be R49 in order to provide the best results. At no cost to you, we can deliver a free and detailed consultation to determine the best place to put in insulation throughout your house.

Benefits of a Well-Insulated House

There are lots of advantages to having a house that has been fully insulated.

Just a few of these benefits include:

  • Dramatically lower energy and utility bills
  • Improved air quality
  • Diminished infiltration of noise
  • Stable temperature throughout your home
  • Decreased need for constant dusting and cleaning
  • Greater comfort for all occupants

Comprehensive Insulation Services Throughout The Woodlands

Not only will our reliable roofers at T. Williams Roofing install high-quality attic insulation in your The Woodlands home, but they will first vacuum and remove any deteriorating, dusty, or infested insulation, and dispose of it for you. We can also foam seal any holes, large or small, to make sure that your insulation system is airtight.

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