At 26 years old, after serving our country during World War II my grandfather, Tom Williams came home to Chicago and joined the local 11 roofers union. It was the last job he took, putting in over fifty years of hard work and grit to the industry. Working 9-5 Monday through Friday while my grandmother lined up side jobs for him on the weekend. His work ethic made a lasting impression on my father Marc.

My father was thirteen years old the first time he stepped onto a roof. He immediately fell in love with the work. He always had a chip on his shoulder and eagerly wanted to prove himself to the older crew members. By the time he was nineteen, he was working alongside my grandfather not only on the side but full-time apart of the union as well. He did this day in and out for over ten years. Finally, at the age of twenty-eight, dad decided to quit the union, losing all of his benefits to roll the dice and open up his own shop, Williams Roofing.

Twenty-Five years later

I grew up as an apprentice on the crews on summer days I didn’t have organized sports to attend to. As soon as that athletic career ended, my father gave me an uncapped commission sales job. I sold forty jobs that summer and decided to halt my studies and focus on the family business. In my close to six years serving the Chicagoland area, I was personally responsible for over 600 roofs. On HomeAdvisor, we have more than 350 reviews with a 4.8-star rating, (We had around 100 before I started). I will be bringing the same values, practices, (and even some men) that did so well up there, down here to the community I always wanted to be apart of, Houston!

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